dear people who are staring at me

May it be accepted that
Yes, I am wearing a dashiki
Yes I am wearing a mini skirt
Yes I do weigh what I weigh
Yes I am sporting a black and gold mohawk
And yes I am wearing hoop earrings the size of my head
What I am wondering is if your girlfriend is not interesting enough to keep your attention
I find it hard to believe that even though she’s right up on your nutsack giving you her best steady wine
You still find the time to stare over your very bad weave at me
No I don’t do guest star in three somes
No I don’t think my outfit would be more appropriate on someone half my size
And yes I do go to work like this

I hope that answers all your questions and we won’t have to group chat about it
Since ur not paying attention
I thought I should let u know ur girlfriend has been jumping up and down for the time it took me to compose this post trying to get your attention
Pretty soon she’s going to bite you in the knee
Look away
Go on
Look away
Oh dear
I’ll leave


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