the tale of the bush fire vs two fire trucks

I don’t know if
A) some mischievous motorist
B) some schooler with spare credit for free calls
C) some miserable neighbour who couldn’t stand having to watch her linen get smokey or expend the energy to call the maid to pick them up
D) some strange combination of the above
Called the st james fire brigade and told them there was a 5 alarm-er in progress come now now now!
But imagine my surprise when not one but two fire trucks come screeching down the road and draw brakes in front of my house to address the small contained fire on the seaside that is the result of some resident lighting their garbage because the garbage trucks seem to come when the driver feels like
Needless to say within 5 minutes the larger of the two had departed and a few of the firemen had taken out their cell phones no doubt to send a text message starting with ‘yu know say da job yah a waste of time’ of ‘yu know say some eediat smaddy’
Might I mention that about 1 mile away from this emergency somebody’s house peacefully burned to the ground 2 days ago
Undisturbed by such inconveniences as fire trucks and water
Oh Jamaica
You are a study in contradictions

at least they got a practice run though
For if the real thing should occur in an area they care about


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