things that only happen to Americans

Food poisoning
What is that?
Isn’t that the same as upset stomach
Maybe running belly
Or bad feelings
Or is it body come down?
I rarely see it in Jamaicans
And when I do only in the ones that have moved abroad
What exactly is it
And is it brought about by some bacteria that only evolved in the USA
Is it a first world affliction
Like the bacteria can only thrive within a good health care system
And free education for all
Or maybe its somehow related to access to mcdonalds and kfc
and starbucks!

Or maybe its because we understand that poisoning is something that kills you
Rather than something that takes you off work for a few days
I’m putting it up there with exhaustion and dehydration
That stuff just don’t get people in the caribbean
Must be the sun
*faints from exhaustion and has to cancel 7 tour dates*
Me nuh know


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