things that piss me off…hold yu space inna di line!

when you reach the front of the line and people start appear from serbia
If u nuh jus have surgery <–me need fi see scars
Or are with child <—me need doctors records cus a coulda jus bang belly yu have
Or old
Or have some major illness
You a go need fi mek your shoes bun yu jus like man
Stan up inna di line!
Worse u have di big healthy pickney siddung side-a yu
Mek him hold di line!

All dis girl now
Weh younger dan me
And hail and hearty 'cus me jus see har a look man while she inna di bank
But yet she lean up pon one wall halfway down the room
While there is a huge space where a line would normally be and one degge degge person at the teller in the front
So much confusion has this caused….since people upon walking in and seeing what appears to be no line fill the space and essentially 'skip her'
That the security has worked out a little speech that he gives people
Complete with stewardess like finger movements he uses to point people in her direction
Like she's an exit
Git up!
Yu young
Me know me at least 10 years older than you
If yu so tired tek off di pencil foot jeans and allow a likkle more oxygen fi run through yu blood stream
Yu have energy fi gi people dutty eye when dem cut in front caw dem nuh know yu inna di line
Use it fi hold up yu damn self


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