have you ever met someone who was so nice

that it just pissed you off?

on sight

has that ever happened to you?

i don’t know what it is, but something about their earnest little face just made you want to smack them?

like every morning when they hit you with that cheery ‘good morning’ with their eyes wide and their shoulders flying towards their ears…like they just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this morning was going to be the most beautiful morning ever *clasps hands and closes eyes and inhales smell of lavender*

i don’t know. it’s not that i’m a joy hater. and i don’t have a problem with happy people. i’m a happy person it’s just sometimes

all the goody gum drops pink and daisies makes me wanna take out their knees with a hammer

maybe it’s me getting older or more jaded

maybe it’s because i know that life has some amount of pain and i wonder why hasn’t it knocked some of the wind outta them…or better yet….has it, and they’re just faking it?

maybe it’s the same thing that leads me to have a fear of clowns <—yes and yes and no i don’t feel bad admitting it

they can disguise many things behind those big painted on smiles

and so can perpetually happy people disguise menace behind their glazed over eyes and sing song voices

i’m a person like this…i know bananas taste great, but if left long enough they will develop black spots and begin to stink

flowers smell wonderful but eventually they do will begin to decompose….and in the process for nutrients to give rise to more flowers

babies are cute but eventually they will hit two years old and wreck everything in your home

everything has its rough patches. so…where are yours?

i just don’t trust it

and i know….the light of the Lord is shining down upon you…but he shines down upon me too…and some days ain’t so great. and i’m sure Jesus wasn’t smiling his way to the cross

so…some balance.

i don’t know, maybe it’s just me

but the ones that are too sweet scare me

i have a two day minimum

if i’m around you for two days and i don’t catch a frown or some funky attitude

i’m gone

because behind that placid smile

you could be plotting to kill me

i’m more like scar and asriel

and less smurfette

5, 4, 3, 2, run!


2 Replies to “have you ever met someone who was so nice”

  1. OMG Finally! Someone who feels the same way!
    I cannot STAND ultra-perky people. There is some hormonal imbalance going on there.

    And CHEERLEADERS?! OMFG I wanna stab the whole lot of them. Torture them slowly and see if they smile and sing through it all…

    Thank you for this.

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