things that piss me off- assumptions

what the rass

it goin tek up extra energy for you to just ask a question?


it’s probably going to use fewer words for you to ask something than to tell someone something, get it wrong, have to ask for clarification, go back and forth and depending on your temperament to apologise for the assumption in the first place


you really do end up looking like an ass

please see sample conversations below

Assumption method:

person: why did you call that person instead of calling me when something went wrong, you should have called me, now yu mek she a cuss me out

person 2: i didn’t

person 1: well she is saying you did you should have called me

person 2: i called her because she asked me yesterday to let her know when the team would be heading down

person 1: oh, well that’s not what she said

person 2: yes well she…

person 1: but she does that all the time

person 1: yes she does.


Question method:

person 1: such and such told me you called her because the team had a problem, what happened there

person 2: she asked me to call her when they were heading out so she could meet them there, so i did. also she said she wanted to be there in case there were any problems

person 2: oh, that’s not what she said, but we all know she’s like that


you see that

that’s about one third the words and we completely avoided the eye rolling, muttering under the breath and calling you an ass that usually accompanies assumption.


effeciency is what we’re after. yes that’s what we need.

so before you make an assumption

ask a question of me


i think if i can clean that up a little i can put it on a t-shirt


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