If you’re engaging in heterosexual flirting <—you will see in a minute why I had to be specific
With a heterosexual man <—wait its coming
And he starts blowing kisses through the phone
Should you be concerned?
And is not your boyfriend
You haven't done the work to wear him down and teach him to show affection in public
Just off his own volition
Without your blowing them first
If a big ass black man start going mwwwah! Mwwwah! With extra lip smacking, through the phone at that…
Is that ok
Or maybe some woman before you did the work and now he's trained
Or maybe…he smuggling the gayness
I don't know
I mean you don't want to have to go through the process of wearing a man down….
But suppose he's been trained in behaviour that you find odd
And suppose a nuh training he's just a care bear
Are the care bears even straight?

-i'll allow you some time to reconsider all you know about the care bears-

Meh, I think the solution is to activate the gay phone tree<—yes homophobes, this is why you need gay friends so you don't end up accidentally dating a gay man!

And pull some files.
Until then, if you can bring yourself to such cuteness, blow the kiss back and be done with it

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