things that piss me off…(yu nuh know how fi mek sentence?)

people who refuse to give you proper instructions before you call to find out about something for them

but would rather shout the information at you while you’re in the middle of talking to the sales rep

and no

they wouldn’t rather take the phone and speak to the person themself

since they know all the details…and it would go so much faster without the middle man


they’d prefer you do it becaus

you have the nicer phone voice


them nuh know how fi talk to people


dem cyaan bodda wid dem tings deh?

a wah?

a me name wall-e

a me name i-robot

a me mus lissen to you and talk to di smaddy same time?

i mean flat out refuse to tell you the information until you’re on the phone you know, because that will make it faster

look here

me a nuh computer

after yu put something in

it a go tek a time before summn else come out.




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