dear to me (for my true friends) amel


but sometimes yu mus just stop and tink bout how much yu love yu fren dem

and if in doing so yu memba seh yu have one smady weh u nuh trust

stop answer dem call and respond to dem BB and mek dat fade into nothingness <–fine that’s counterproductive, but it sounds cooler than ‘have a heart to heart with yourself and decide if you want to continue engaging with them and if the answer is no, let them know kindly that you will no longer be continuing your association’

the first way sound wicked

like how bruce lee woulda deal wid him frenemy dem

ka-yaaa! bye bitch

but i digress.

sometimes yu haffi tink bout di people dem weh hold yu hand while yu a bawl, cuss out people fi yu, buy food and more importantly alcohol when you have no money, buy party ticket, bus ticket, plane ticket, make international phone call when you a have a bad day and have no credit, put up with the disgusting people you date, wipe up yu vomit, bail yu from jail, come outta dem bed come save yu when yu cyar bruck down…

all the wonderful things that make friendship so beautiful

yu haffi think bout dem people deh and realise…dem never haffi do it enuh

and a love dem love yu mek dem do it

and furthermore…how much yu love and appreciate them.

buss dem pon a song like dis

and wear yu best thug face…caw we nuh inna no carebears ting!


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