pauly D and houdini…distant relatives?

pauly d and houdini...distant relatives

So, apparently today is the birthday of master magician and escape artist harry houdini (aries in da buildin!) and in recognition google has added one of their nifty screen pics….you know you STAN for them too

but imagine my surprise when i fired up my computer and happened across what appeared to be a retro portrait of Pauly D from the Jersey Shore

you see the hair….though i don’t know where houdini got the xtra hold mousse and the blow dryer

you see the face…perhaps Pauly’s  a little less guido than he thought…maybe he oughta lay off the sawsage sangwiches

you see the pose….come on…you know if you put houdini in a club he’d fist pump with the best of them

either they’re related

or they made pauly d sit for the houdini portrait

but in my mind a him great great summn gran daddy

and me done talk


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