but suppose a donkey has bitten you…

How would you feel
When this thing that has happened to you has become the gold standard of unattractiveness
Along with trees growing in your face<— which is so unlikely its practically void, no matter how dutty your face is I don’t think it would have the top soil to support fauna.
Suppose you had a terrible accident and rupert the donkey bit you
Somewhere in the face
Perhaps where the mythical tree would grow (double whammy!)
How would you feel when you heard people all around assuring people that they could get a man because they were cute and donkey nuh bite dem
Its unkind
Its insensitive
Not only is there the physical pain
There’s the mental anguish
Why are we, as a cluture, so unkind
*runs off to go treat donkey bite*
Don’t look at me!

i’m hideous

Stop looking at me!!!



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