milestone-me woulda pay fi, not pirate yu album

and that says a lot

you remember milestone?  the fictional group they created for the Soul Food movie that went on to release the song above that charted in the billboard top ten

what’s not to like?

Babyface<– #win


Kevon and Melvin Edmonds…from After 7 (who you may not recall but get into ’til you do me right and have your memory refreshed. Yes a dem sing it)


K Ci and Jo Jo Hailey from Jodeci #wailingclothestearingoffwin

so we have heart wrenching ballads, mid tempo love songs and freak nasty grind music covered in one fell blow

plus the one song they did make was awe-mazing

an yet, while Dru Hill attempts to circumvent social drama, sisqo’s hair, and nokio’s bruised little ego to seek greatness

nobody saw fit to make this into an actual group.


life nuh fair!

me woulda pay the $2000.00 USD each to di man dem weh mek rebecca black televised lobotomy video fi gi dem a video

me woulda walk a road side and sell di album so dem can mek more album

me personally woulda buy one

not a bit torrent in sight


me really mean it

iStan for them

with their one degge degge song <–anybody know if dem mek more

me a dem bigges’ fan

*cue music*


2 Replies to “milestone-me woulda pay fi, not pirate yu album”

  1. This wasn’t a real group??? O_o

    I heard the Babyface stamp all up in it, but I had no idea. Dang! I agree, wasted opportunity. Maybe I need to watch that Soul Food movie again….

    1. nah. i thought they were real too. they were real enough to release a single but nothing else. i wikipedia’d them. imagine my surprise when there was nothin there.

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