this passes for parking in montego bay

Apparently big red on the left there had the bad arthritis and couldn’t bother with the wrist work required to back out, straighten up, and come again. I mean they stood a fighting chance at a real park.
As for miss green, there’s no real explanation for that
I mean yu manage to park straight but with yu car middling the line
*miggle me miggle me*
I will give the benefit of the doubt that perhaps when they came someone was parked badly and they had to do this to survive, but having lived here for a few years I know its more likely that they just parked that way and didn’t care
Montegonians don’t really park
They just stop driving
And get out of the car
There are at least 4 such parks at this exact moment in the shopping centre
While 15 cars circle praying for a space
It really is best in the west


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