dear gay men of the world

I mean it
Me cry cree
Its not funny
Yes I know, I’m fabulous. Its like an extra large blow up doll you can put in heels and do whatever you want with the hair and unleash it on the world
Yes I am wearing polka dots checks AND stripes
But its just not right of you to keep pretending to look me
Especially when you know your liking of the penis runs deep
You wouldn’t even have the common decency to approach me to be your fag hag
Instead you pretend to be attracted to me
I saw you gag when my cleavage showed
I did
And I saw you checking out the dude with the big arms
So was I
And I’m not amused that you and your 90lb boyfriend are trying to perpetuate this foolishness in the mega mart line
I’ve already used 5 gay catch phrases
And accidentally called you gurrrll
My gaydar is on pink alert
And even you must hear the alarm
Give it up
Saddle up your trolley
Get your boyfriend
And wheel your ass outta here in your white open toe slippers
I’m not in the mood for anymore dirty looks
Thanks gurrrl


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