does earth hour apply to sex toys?

jus in case yu neva know

neva knooowww *tami chynn voice*

Earth hour took place on Saturday March 26th from 8:30pm – 9:30 pm



The aim of earth hour is to raise awareness about climate change issues by asking people to turn off their non essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour. They later measure the change in electricity usage etc etc to see what potential improvements there would be if we just didn’t turn on a wall light, a desk lamp, a standing fan, and air conditioning unit, a television and two lap tops in the same room <–you know you’ve seen it done.

Earth hour caught me, and based on the line i would suspect about 25% of the population, in the KFC drive through. I showed my support by turning off my headlights.

My best friend claims he shows his support every time there’s a hurricane and when he goes to bed at night #highlevelshade

but i digress

on the way home i began to ponder this earth hour…what does it really achieve? or was it, like Valentines day, just another thing we engaged in to make ourselves feel better for not behaving correctly the other 364 days of the year?

and then, being that it’s me, i began to ruminate on something else

does earth hour apply to sex toys?

I mean, what is a non essential appliance anyway?

the over 23 and single would argue that their toys are among the most essential items in their household

without them

their work life would fall to ruins <– a back up of oil is detrimental to concentration

their friendships would be utterly destroyed <–a back up of oil can make you cranky (ier) and unbearable to live with

their homes would be decimated <—a back up of oil gives you super human strength, your crockery wouldn’t survive

their skin would suffer and so diminish the likelihood that they would ever get back into the dating scene <–well di oil mus’ come out somewhere

their reputation would be damaged beyond repair <–let that oil back up long enough an it starts to work like beer goggles, you’re at great risk of unknowingly dating an ugly person…at least for about a month, which is how long it takes for the two of you to work that oil outta your system.

so they’d be homeless, jobless, single and un-date-able.

i don’t know about you but that sound’s pretty essential to me.

so where do they fall, these toys of the night (or afternoon or morning depending on what floats your boat)

do they count towards the earth hour shut down?

or should they, like the light in your bedroom that allows you to navigate around the edge of the bed that seems hell bent on breaking your leg, be given a bligh?

i find these are the things they never address in these dialogue’s. How essential is a person’s right to a little sexual healing, especially if it results in the release of good vibes and adds to the positive vibrations of the world <—i’m giving myself the side eye on this one.

but for reals.

to buzz or not to buzz.

that is the question

2 Replies to “does earth hour apply to sex toys?”

  1. get adult toys and sex toys
    by buying jamaican you help your local economy and reduce exports and money leaving . reducing the pressure on local resources..mi nuh know

  2. get adult toys and sex toys
    by buying jamaican you help your local economy and reduce exports and money leaving . reducing the pressure on local resources..mi nuh know

    lol lef aff d address

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