the tale of the traveling vegetarian

Is an oxymoron of sorts
At the least an inconvenience
There are only so many salads one can eat
And while people smile with pleasure when someone on the bus opens their box of jerk pork
The usually gag in unison when the fish smell gets going
Add that to the fact that fish is done to order so if you’re on a time lime it probably won’t be ready in time
And what you have is a long life chock full of granola bars and banana chips
Unless you’re suzie home maker and pack everything in advance
Enjoy the worms
As they gnaw through your belly
To the musical accompaniment of the other passengers
Chomping their meat
Licking off their fingers
And extracting the marrow from the bones
Swallow some water
And think of how good it feels to not consume something that takes years to exit your colon


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