what am i looking at here

You may be wondering
The simple answer is you’re looking at a photo of a party being featured in the Trinidadian mini mag Scorch. Its the paper equivalent of RETV catering to the young, trendy, witty and upwardly mobile.
But would Dr. Gregory House accept the simple answer? I think not
So, just as we accept that the correct diagnosis is not simply depression but rather a very rare case of sexually transmitted African sleeping sickness, so too must we look more closely at this photograph
What we are looking at is proof that Caricom can work, and is already working
You see
While our leaders are split on the subjects of a single regional monetary unit and the removal of visa restriction, there seems to have been some unspoken agreement as it regards aesthetic
With long curly-ish hair
Shall the the reigning ideal in beauty
Across the caribbean
I don’t know if anybody remembers the appleton magazine
Or has taken a look at skkan media
Or watched any of the many video party reviews lately
But the consensus seems to be that if you’re over a size six, more than two shaded darker than a brown paper bag and your hair curls into a C not an S, your ass needs to move to the back of the bus
Cheese on rice!

And this may be the source we have been seeking for true caribbean unity…one caribbean beauty, to lead us into the next millennium.
I can rest easily at night
Federation was a fail
But colonisation is the gift that keeps on giving



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