for the loose and lazy: tight hole cream

I’m not sure why these things seem to seek me out
But my dear best fren buss me pon dis yesterday


Some things don’t need a fancy name (what the hell is a sham-wow anyways?)

Or any kinda pretty packaging (though I would have been interested to see the subtle evocative packaging you would design for a vaginal tightener. Perhaps something pinky purple-y in a soft plastic that you can pull and pinch but it always returns to its original shape and size <–if me see dis pon shelf me waan me money!!!)

And nobody wants to fuss with that one part coconut oil to two parts alum or 2.5 parts cake soap madness

And having taken all of that into careful consideration…here it is
Tight Hole Cream
Simple. Effective. Good to the last drop!

Ahhh its so nice when people take the guess work outta it for you
This is going in my convenience top 10, right below microwave stew peas and pre sliced hardo bread

My thing is if you too lazy to do your Kegels you probably don’t deserve a tight hole
But maybe that’s just me


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