you know what sucks about being single…

No its not the lack of validation I receive from my peers when I walk in with somebody really not
Nor is it the feeling of ease as my parents stop worrying I’ll become a cat lady
Nor is it the more obvious lack of semi regular humping
What sucks about being single is when awesome songs come out and I have no person on which to apply them
For example
Enrique Iglesias’ tonight I’m…err loving you.
That song’s perfect for screaming at someone you’re dating in the middle of a party, even more so if its true
I wouldn’t mind walking by and having someone hit me with a there goes my baby falsetto…
Hell I wouldn’t even mean some rolling in the deep or falling for my type as long as we can forget that I vowed to lay your shit bare and make up afterwards

Love the way you lie was a perfect fight song!
And we coulda been back together by friday <–dont front, she's number 58 on billboard hot 100, cyaan say me never tell yu

That's what sucks about being single. The musical world keeps cranking out the soundtrack of your life, and you don't have the appropriate accompanying scenes
Dammit man
I'm savin 'em
And whoever I date next better be ready
'Cus I'm comin home
I need a doctor
and you better be an extraterrestrial

Oh…wid a dumpa truck


4 Replies to “you know what sucks about being single…”

  1. why are you single though, you are smart, funny and intelligent…even if you’re ugly i would date you…privately

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