star date april 10. 26 days into Lent

As you may or may not know I gave up sex for Lent….well to be more specific, since I am single and very particular about who I let touch my lady bits, I gave up me-time aka masturbation for Lent.
So that’s 33 days keeping my hands to myself, well keeping my hands away from myself, except for one close call on my birthday but you know I was drunk and drunk people can’t be held accountable for our actions
But I digress
Its not that I’m a horn dog and I haven’t started bursting out in zits because of oil in my back…although I swear I do see some extra grease on top of my spine but without Dr. House to diagnose me I’ll blame it on my soap and move on
Now, when this started I wondered if it would be challenging enough, and then two weeks passed…and I began to find people attractive who I had previously found nondescript at best. Add week three…now people I used to find unattractive are looking up. Week 4 comin up now, I’m drinking alcohol to keep myself from doing something stupid…I didn’t give up sex so technically I could do that without breaking my vow…and well that person isn’t attractive so how could that count!!!!
Ok. Its a good thing I didn’t give up alcohol because I really need it to pilot me through
I play for warm breezes <— cold ones make my cones spike and more susceptible
Smooth roads <—you know what I’m talking about
And loose fitting pants
And the fortitude to make it through this last week.
However, I feel a sense of accomplishment having given up birthday sex and having made it this far without back sliding. I’ve never done it before.
Go me!
Oop! The car jus go over a bump. *breathes*


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