what’s your caricom identity- man thief

as my farrin trip came to an end it dawned on me

(actually it dawned much earlier but i I was busy drinking puncheon and just sobered up enough to address it now)

the reputation Jamaica and Jamaicans have across the Caribbean, well, certainly in Trinidad.

It goes something like this

1.Likely to be very innovative

2. Likely to be violent/aggressive

3. Likely to steal your man

now, I will not bother to address the first two because along with “likely to smoke weed” that’s kind of the going belief about us. My not addressing it does not mean it’s true, it just means this particular post is not about that.

Let’s address the man thiefing.

and yes, it’s true. second only to Guyana and possibly Haiti, Jamaicans are the Caribbean’s most reputed and feared concubines.

*a moment for that to sink in*

At first I was offended, then slightly flattered, then offended all over again

how very dare they! Like dem man cuter dan fi we! Rude!

Then I remembered some of the things I had heard at UWI, and I thought again.

Here’s the thing…whether we like it or not, many women are more attracted to men who have the potential to provide for them. Call it attraction to power, call it being sensible, call it hooking, call it nothing going on but the rent, call it what you will it’s all the same. I believe being in a situation where money is tight will make this tendency more pronounced in a person.

Now, if we look at the situation at UWI<— school fee high, hall fee high, KFC expensive and campus jobs nuh exist

then we factor in the differing exchange rates across the Caribbean <—look at that Guyana, Jamaica and Haiti in the dog house *shock*

Trinis and Bajan are effectively ballin’ all over the campus.

Quite literally, for some of these guys this is the best they’ll ever have it (cus a nuh all a dem cute. i nuh care wah yu say, sometimes dougla goes wrong)

So you have one boy with excellent buying power, from a family with similar buying power, in a situation where one of his dollars is like 13 of hers

Now….enter the Trini/Bajan girlfriend with the same dollar and free/free-ish education <–soun like she a go lazy to me

now add the Jamaican girl with a dollar that ain’t worth much and the…ahm…’facility’ that is Students Loan (smh)

now subtract the Bajan/Trini girlfriend <—you never saw that coming?

I’m just saying. Nothing motivates a bitch to make a relationship work like the certainty she has eaten her last dumpling and butter meal for the year

and if we are to be fair….nothing motivates a man to drop a chick quick like a woman who is willing to do whatever to make his ass happy and keep her nails and hair did at the same time <–trini chicks take note, sometimes you just gotta put in that work honey.

that not being docile thing…translates into the bedroom

so if you can imagine the 1999 gas riot in his bed….you woulda probably leff yourself too. #imjustsaying

I suppose that same mentality may have made it’s way off the various campuses and into the everyday Trini life and voila…reputation mek.


might I argue, that perhaps the problem is not the unscrupulous Jamaican women, maybe is the odda woman dem.

p’raps some tight pants, high heels, push up bra and make up that’s fresh to death 24 hours a day may work. Maybe he likes a woman that will bad him up and point up in him face ever now and then <–yes, dem love it.

along wid some bomb ass food.

and let us not understate the importance of a likkle head top

yes, head top<—cus is a bess f*ck him goin get from di yardie. wid pepper, not slight pepper. PEPPER!


and who doesn’t like a likkle spice some a di time.

I’m just saying. I can’t swear by any of these things, i am merely suggesting that we consider all the factors and make an informed decision



*quint it quint it* <–just for practice, just in case


6 Replies to “what’s your caricom identity- man thief”

  1. Let me add a lil more to the post from the objective-ish view of a Trinbagonian.

    I normally say once we get over the fact that Bahamians, Jamaicans, Bajans and Trinis (specifically as opposed to Trinbagonians generally) have the biggest egos in the Caribbean, we good to go. I also agree that “dougla” can go wrong , but whole heap of douglas reach Ja and tun star due to dem hair, colour or hips.
    Have you ever heard about the agression being mixed in with the personal space issue? Truss me; smallin up yuhself in a bus to ochi is one thing, but I usually stand sideways so people buck up on mi feet dem so dey not breathing down meh neck in bank line which goin nowhere.
    The different vibes attracts some never see come see on both sides of the fence but as opposed to people taking people’s people, I hear the positive side more often that the reggae and soca i just a good mix asopposed to to either of aforementioned parties and the flying fish (which a good deal of is caught in Tobago waters; but shh don’t mention dat, it does get dem vex^_^)

    Can I also mention that a few people well love the fact that Trini man dem can wine like ball bearings sell out from de shelf dem? I not even mentioning meself yet who actually used to perform pon head top, though that was in another lifetime when I was eating fiah and all dem ting dey as well:-)
    But dis could go lil longer well
    Glad you know lil more though, cuz the thing that gets me the stinkest in these exchanges is dotish insularity. I could quote thing now but while not try to lengthen this any longer.

    1. hahahahahahaha.
      yes, and amen to the egos. we share da one deh good good good. and yes the aggression is quite a ting down a half way tree and no one can dispute, we love how trini does wuk wuk wuk wuk wuk. yeah, you know what, all kinda fooliniss gwaan pon either side a di fence, all we can do a akeep eyes open and try nuh get stone wid bokkle when people see we a walk near dem man or ooman as di case may be

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