house and nurse jackie….in the OR

have you ever stopped to consider what that would be like?

one is hooked on vicodin


likes to make people legally dead for fun

and routinely snatches pieces of brain to help with his diagnoses

while breaking into your house

and forcing all your skeletons from your closet

while the other one snorts whatever is handy

has sex in the janitor’s closet

may smack you to keep you in line

and has the potential to cover up murder if she thinks it’s right

two of the greatest  television medical practitioners

and both stockies.

not even the discriminating druggie that picks a poison…the kind that takes pills from their patients …supposedly for research… and then just swallows them at will

i’m not sure what we’re teaching our kids

but i think it may be that drugs not only make you look good (kate moss)

but they make you smart too!

hand me the acid please.

but if i do get sick have jackie get my meds and start the drip (she’ll slip some morphine in as a professional courtesy) and have house do a tox screen and check if smaddy a try poison me or did gimme bun <–so often it’s the african sleeping sickness you got from unprotected sex that’s getting you down

oh and an MRI…and to save time there’s a hide-a-key under the flower pot by my front door.

i may not have a marriage when its all done but a bitch will be alive.

ya feel me



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