katy perry ET- look a doe, no, an alien, no wall-e?

katy really a go fi video a di year wid da one yah

caw da song yah nuh warrant all a dis

and me feel seh she a go win

unless gaga strip off her actual skin and do di nex video as pure bone and exposed muscles and tendons <–nuh fret she inna consultation already fi see how it can work

*paging dr house*

me nah even bother comment pon di fact say di albino bwoy is an alien…

ok fine.

i will.

why, katy perry, is Shaun Ross the young man that looks like about 19000 citizens of the United States, being portrayed as an alien

is it because he’s black and blonde at the same time? #shade

is it because he’s paler than you? <–quite difficult since snookie fever hit the main stream and tan became a race

that aside the video has the requisite ‘what the hell am i looking at’ factor that should push it to the top

please check the avant-garde hair <–SAINT International please take note, i’m tired of the same mussed up sea biscuit shit year in year out

the one days worth of make up application <—look katy is a dappled doe with a bunny tail

and all the requisite CG stuff <–i’m noticing this 300 oracle look is taking over right now. If yu nah float inna air wid frock a fly, you need not apply. eminem and dr. dre a run wid it too

not to mention the ‘we will rock you’ base line that’s guaranteed to make it a hit at sports days the world over <— Queen, the gift that keeps on giving.

“we’re team katy we are the best, we’re gonna put you to the test, so turn on the heat and step on the gas we’re gonna kick you in the …EVERYBODY”

and then we can celebrate the single’s success at a bar out in Mars <–oh , Kanye, you make everything better to me. If only because a hint of arrogance makes everything smell like roses. iStan, sue me!

all in all i say

good work

It’s interesting to look at

the lyrics make you wanna date somebody strange and have them probe you

it’s weird

and it’s weird with reason <–gaga can you hear me?

i sure hope so

one thing though….when she say ET…a me one did expec’ Lil Wayne fi inna it? he has actually declared himself to be an alien, i thought it followed logically.

then again, plenty people a mek video bout tiger and charlie sheen nuh inna it so i guess it’s fine


3 Replies to “katy perry ET- look a doe, no, an alien, no wall-e?”

  1. No sah Lady Gaga would be late for the skin stripping gig…please see below link:

    Skip ahead to 2:36 and enjoy the “strip” show

      1. LOLOLOLOL….ROFL!! LMAO!!! I wouldn’t put it past her too xD If she can wear a meat dress then ANYTHING is possible :p

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