the most unlikely love song of the year (so far)- wiz khalifa roll up

a me one tink dis was  song bout buildin’ a spliff?

i mean

its wiz khalifa

and he’s running second to snoop dogg for lovin that chronic. <–please see the dark lips and the arrest charge

and the song is called roll up. i thought he had just found a sneaky way to get the censors to play a song about mary. jand

and actually now that i’ve seen the video, i STILL think that’s what he’s singing about.



be that as it may

this is one of the mors surprising love songs of the year <– assuming the background beat wasn’t built using rizzla

it’s honest <–he’s not the richest man, but he’s in the game

it’s hopeful

his lyrics and  voice have a certain vulnerability

it really does sound like a yute talkin to a girl weh him check for. him nah hype pon yu. him jus a reason wid yu

and what girl doesn’t like that.

me a watch wiz enuh, because me feel him a do tings. i liked black and yellow, but to be honest he coulda gone either way after that one. it was a good song but…well…many of those come out a year and reppin’ where you from is sometimes the fastest way on to the charts <–this one’s for north carolina!!!

but this one gives me some range and some humility….that’s rare in the music biz these day.


kudos to cassie from making the transition from artist to highest paid video girl e.v.e.r.

girl, rent is due every month, ok. do what you gotta do

she’s pretty, she looks good on camera and her teeth is shining

she has found the secret to staying relevant in the music industry without an album….find that whole unresolved drama with being diddy’s matie helps, but she a get money fi da one yah.


go on wiz khalifa.  I think I’m gonna STAN for you, as long as we can avoid the  face tattoos <–you know what i’m talking about.

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