add it to your play list- the weeknd house of balloons

The Weeknd House of Balloons <–get it while it’s hot!

i won’t even bother to mention that it’s Drake approved

because then all the wheel chair jimmy haters would click away from the page

may i introduce the weeknd. yes, no E

a Canadian….erm, creation, that is actually one man – Abel Tesfaye <–hey he ain’t the only one putting the multiple personality order to good use.

please remember that vybz is an entire kartel and owl city is one man…with many fireflies

anywho, so he dropped a couple tracks last year with no promotion and practically anonymously, and last month dropped this digital mix tape- house of balloons


did i mention it’s practically anonymous?…i mean no bio, no pics, no products to purchase <–justin bieber just had a stroke at the thought of an artist without his own doll

but…it’s good. Some of the production reminds me of drake’s so far gone mix tape

but i’m recommending it for the perfect chill out friday night lyme soundtrack

light the candles

bake the brownies

put the jello shots to set <–rum please, no vodka to me ting

and let it ride

it’s like a cerebral massage with a little bit of freak to it

sometime around 1am, you’ll begin to imagine you’re on a cloud.

also good for work!

anyways, don’t take my word for it. check it out. It’s only nine tracks, quick download and easy to delete



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