Easter- a time to get piss drunk, gorge on bun and cheese…all while abstaining of course

yaaaas. di type a bun i like!

well, i eat me first piece a Easter Bun today.

What, might you ask, separates Easter from every other bun every other time of year?


Is the same bun, but if yu eat it in Easter, and especially if it come in a cardboard box, rather than some cellophane wrap, is Easter bun. The cardboard have some magic in it. It’s not washed in the blood of Christ or anything but I’m fairly certain it push up di cost a di bun and dat mek it very worthy.

Also, I will not accept those little round buns as Easter bun. Those are basically all I eat all year round, but come Easter I’m like a junkie and bun weh me slice is all me want outta dis life.

Plus, me nuh waan no white cheddar or any odda kinda stoosh cheese. me waan di tastee orange cheese. di one dats do processed that actually calling it cheese may be false advertising. If yu put it pon paper grease bleed through. Dat is di cheese for me

It kind of amazes me that in Jamaica  Easter can be so contradictory. It is a time for abstinence <–you know my  struggle

and people give up a bag of things in various shows of faith.

But it’s also the time when D and G makes it’s biggest profit and people gorge themselves on bun and cheese and party like it’s their birthday <–if a me like Jesus me vex ‘cus dem a try tek over me ting. Birthday party is not until December son!

I suppose that since there are two different ideas of when Lent ends  it may be understandable<–some say Holy Thursday, some say Holy Saturday.

But there’s a little part of me that thinks….these people really nah tink bout whether Saturdays count inna dem 40 days or not. By the time dem reach di end of Lent dem so tusty is give or take a few days, dem done. once dem make it to the end of Holy Thursday…all bets are off. <–me personally know that my vow to give up alcohol for Lent always suffers a fatal blow roun di end there

confusing eeh?

i believe Trinidad and Jamaica have it in reverse…they have a season of wildness and debauchery to let it all out before they go into the Lenten strictness. Jamaica settle down to the strictness and then get wild in di streets

I wonder what this means for the economics?

It mus mean summn….


that was me giving up on it


Happy Easter <–always confuses me since is dead Jesus did dead, but i guess him resurrect so we can happy bout dat


good luck in the final week with your Lenten vows

a di las’ lap dis

and if the hallucinations of hot people i have been having are any indication…it rough inna di last days yah.

*bites bun and cheese


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