fb have di whole a yu business outta door…AGAIN


i don’t even know if i have any shade left to throw at facebook but since i must…

so apparently in change number 1456728976.2b to the interface, the pages have defaulted to non-secure browsing.

I buck it up in a status message and did some checks <–BBM FORWARDERS OF THE WORLD TAKE NOTE!!!

and having verified it <— BBM forwarders AGAIN take note

now i will repost

While on facebook, look at your URL address.

if the page address starts with “http:” instead of “https:” then you are not in a secure session and can be hacked <–ironic given wordpress was just hacked the other day. oh internet pirates you are the bane of my existence

Go to Account (top right of page) -> Account Settings -> Account Security – click Change.

Check box (secure browsing), click Save.

from then on whenever a secure connection is available, you will automatically be connected to it

once again Zuckerberg and company…i don’t know why you think its sensible that the default option should leave users liable to hacking and expose their business to all and sundry…

i guess what you’re hoping is that will make the site more user friendly for stalkers <–no shade i stalk, we all stalk

but honestly, if me go so far as fi private me ting, can’t you just add an algorithm that replicates my settings as closely as possible?



kiss me teeth


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