how did i miss LOLcats?


now, while I accept that if Toni or Lloydie didn’t buss me on the more trifling things on the interwebs I would be completely lost <–but obviously neither of them did because here I am composing this post #nahselloutmefrendemwonderifdemsaydisame

Even I cannot believe that I missed out on the LOLcat movement <–and yes, I do mean movement honey.

If it has a wikipedia page it’s legit (with the exception of certain singers who despite having dolls and fragrances and clothing lines still ain’t real to me.)

but i digress. now i’ve seen these pictures of these cats with god awful grammar here and there, and i’ve noted that for some reason cats have all become kittehs. but i thought that was the individual awesomeness of my friends <—see how much faith i have in them.

not that it makes them any less awesome, but apparently its a worldwide phenomeon starting back in 2005

please feast your eyes on my new personality <–yeas, sometimes you can choose. It ain’t all Tara all the time

oh yeah, it’s goin down.

I like to look at him and then quickly switch to this one here…i’ve named him peppi.


awww sigh.

i believe this is the start of a…medium length but certainly no less meaningful obsession.

ohh yeaaaaah.

for more LOLCats check icanhascheezeburger <—the original home of LOLcats <–don’t hype, you know you need a way to pass the time at work

and if you’re not a cat person, they have LOLdogs too


3 Replies to “how did i miss LOLcats?”

  1. Why you think I been saying “Kitteh” all this time on yer Pepito pics :p
    You need to make yer own LOLcat with a pic of Peps πŸ™‚

      1. RAEEEEE πŸ˜€
        Yes, please and thanks.. a LOLcat of Peps needs to be done…Have Toni help you with the wording and word placement πŸ™‚

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