dear TARA Couriers…again

is it too much to ask that you just do what i request in the time that you said you would?

i don’t think so, but recently it’s proving quite challenging

please explain how i call and ask for a delivery from kingston to the montego bay airport

the agent takes down the information in laborious detail

she repeats the details correctly

she enters it into the system properly <–so she claims

and yet, instead of going to Sangster international airport

it goes to your lyndhurst road location

M-o-n-t-e-g-o B-a-y A-i-r-p-o-r-t

l-y-n-d-h-u-r-s-t- r-o-a-d

doesn’t sound similar to me.

wait let me say it backwards….


still doesn’t sound the same.

and the agent says its a glitch in the system

and you know…i believe her, because you woulda haffi dunce bad fi say summn correctly so much times and still enter di wrong sittn

but wah kinda matrix glitch coulda cause dat?

TARA need fi gi dem system a blue pill and mek everybody go back a work.

kiss me teeth

add to dat di fact seh dem plane EVER late.

one more day screeching down the city streets in a desperate bid to get to the bank on time.

kiss me backside teeth


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