things that piss me off- drive up nuh

When I’m sitting at an intersection waiting to enter the roadway and I see a car coming and its driving at ‘the speed’
You know the speed
Its too fast for you to safely drive out in front of them
But so slow that it drives you crazy waiting for them to pass
‘The speed’
And all you can think to yourself is 5km/h in either direction and everything would be fine
And then when they pass you, what do you see?
One hand on the steering wheel and the other one holding the BB in the air as they check their emails or read their BBMs
Or better yet, the neck crick over to the side and hands gesturing wildly as they chat the drive away sans speaker phone or head set
Or even better….when you see them hunched over the steering wheel, tongue protruding from their mouth and little forehead furrowed in concentration as they attempt to type the e-mails and BBMs while driving.
You see, ‘the speed’, is multifunctional. Not only is it the perfect way to piss off fellow motorists, and I suspect some of the stray goats at the pedestrian crossing, it is also the ideal speed for multi tasking. I suspect it to be somewhere between 32 and 40. Fast enough that you don’t actually have to stop, but slow enough that you can have a lapse in concentration with a low risk of killing someone
The speed
I would be hypocritical if I said I want guilty of BBing and driving. But I try to avoid it these days because its just silly. The conversation can usually wait until I get to a stop light <—be honest, is it detrimental to have your bredren wait 10 mins for a response to 'whaa gwaan pop cawn?'
I think they'll survive.
If its that important I try to pull off the road. But I really haven't happened across that many things that are that urgent.
Plus, having had the feelings I have had towards people driving at 'the speed' I've come to realise that a car accident is not my only concern
Having a disgruntled driver fling a big rock stone through my wind screen is also a major concern
And my mother rub too much coco butter inna my pretty face fi it go so <—true word
So…drivers. For the sake of safety and public peace
May we ask that you save that smiley face for a stop light or invest in voice notes?
Pretty please
Put the flippin phone down, put yu eye pon di road and drive up!


2 Replies to “things that piss me off- drive up nuh”

  1. haha last year I promised myself I’d make my car a no phone zone. Now, I still mess up every now and again, but like you said, there is nothing anyone is texting/tweeting that needs a prompt response. It can wait. & it’s 2011, most of us should have hands free or speaker phone

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