original fierceness- cleopatra enters rome bishes!

pardon me while IStan!

this is how you enter a city


everybody weh deh pon super sweet 16 and feel say dem hype caw dem a jump from helicopter

look and learn

please tek een di man dem a shoot arrow

streamers and all dese tings

ooman a shake titty inna nearly nuttn

red dust

yellow dust

man pon chariot a ride inna formation

ribbon twirler and chiquita banana look-alike

den nuh boda mention when she buss rome pon di mother land


man inna white wig and ooman wid big batty and loin cloth

rome never see waist line roll yet

me see two roman battyman inna di back a rejoice

this bitcheth is fierceth!


watch di walkin chandelier weh haffi go fronta har

and people wid wing

cus she fly as a momosucka!

and den

when its all done

miss cleo she ride een pon di sphinx

dressed from head to toe in gold bitches


yu feel say yu a fashionista because yu a wear 5 inch heels

try travel through an entire town inna boiling sun hot covered in gold

yu skin singe off

but yu look fabulous

and how me figgat di dove dem weh haffi release

anyhow beyonce people dem ketch hold a dis….well we nuh haffi wonder wah her nex tour entrace a go look like. 15 minutes into the show and dem still a watch dat

she soon tell u say di B inna barble dove is also fi beyonce

now look pon di 300 man it tek fi draw har een

yu haffi have budget fi do dis honey.


watch di dry up face roman ooman dem

nuh like har

everybody waan clutch dem man

yes booboo

it might be on the fringe, but a Africa she come from.

watch yuself, yu will end up lonely

an nuh feel she a walk down. no. dem have a summn fi liff har up inna, and it nuh jiggle or turn fi pitch har out


this bish is it!!!!


5 Replies to “original fierceness- cleopatra enters rome bishes!”

  1. memba mi tell yuh.. shi step eeen like she own di place… yuh si di wink weh shi give afta she pay respec to di man? shi know seh shi ah di boss!

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