how to write a verse like Nicki Minaj <—and it works!

so, as usual, my friends always have di real big link dem to interweb fooliniss

and this one is in the top 5 of the year so far,

it’s an article, and tool, to help you write rhymes like Nicki Minaj, or any other young money artist for that matter (possibly barring wayne, he just says whatever is on his mind, and we buy it…i have literally heard him say his ABCs)

remember this—*i’m gudda gudda, i put her under, i see me wid her, no stevie wonder * <–talk di truth, that coulda come inna Friday

but onwards.

So the original article i believe is by a dude named Amadeo and can be found here <- i’m not sure if he’s the author, but this thing has been whoring it’s way around in interwebs and i can’t tell where it started, but me a credit it back to smady caw me nuh waan nuhbody say me a tief dem tings.

And so…..

the tool

You’re Nicki Minaj (or any Young Money rapper) and you have to write a 16-bar verse in 5 minutes.


You’re writing 16 lines, so that’s 4 rhyme series.

Lines 1-4: Rhyme Series A, 5-8: Rhyme Series B, 9-12: Rhyme Series C, 13-16: Rhyme Series D

Now the good thing about this is that your rhymes can be really simple because you’re Nicki Minaj.

You might notice that the rhymes I use in this tutorial aren’t simple enough for Nicki Minaj.

Let’s do A first.

Step 1: Think of 4 things that rhyme. They don’t have to relate to each other. List them all:

Go to bed
Loaf of bread

Step 2: Place a phrase before each rhyme that links with it.

Now these rhymes have nothing to do with each other but we can link them together poorly (because we’re Nicki Minaj) with some boasting cliches. Let’s start with “go to bed”:

N*ggas always sleep on me… go to bed

Now for “overfed.” Ah, that’s to do with eating, so we can recall another boasting cliche: being hungry.

No one as hungry in this game… overfed

Now “loaf of bread.” How can “loaf of bread” be turned into a boasting cliche? Ah, bread is made of dough. Nicki Minaj is known for witlessly boasting about her money (see: Monster).

N*ggas know I got the dough… loaf of bread

Now “motorhead.” Well, she’s bragging about money… may as well brag about cars. “Coat of red” could work as an internal rhyme.

Coat of red on the rims… motorhead

Yes, it really is as simple as that. Just pause after the phrase, and say the rhyme. The antecedent phrase is there to confuse listeners into thinking it’s well thought-out.

Here are the 4 lines in all their glory:

N*ggas always sleep on me, go to bed
No one as hungry in this game, overfed
N*ggas know I got the dough, loaf of bread
Coat of red on the rims, motorhead

There’s a quick tutorial on how to quickly write 4 Nicki Minaj bars. Just repeat that process 3 more times and you have a verse written in under 5 minutes. I call it the “Young Money Method.”

—-there’s more here but he started dissin Drake, so i had to cut him.

and may i mention, i used the tool and came up with an EXCELLENT rhyme of my own


Snitches need to be quiet I don’t wanna hear a peep <—cue Nicki in the chicken feathers rollin her eyes and saying “peep peep” in the baby voice

Actin like they real they so Meryl Streep <–cultural reference, heeeeyyy USA!

Young Money, we Adele, rollin’ in the deep <–come on, that’s a classic.

Comin like a Dungeon Dragon it’s a promise I’m a keep <–you can do that one in the super fast snarling voice that she loves so much

and there you have it, i am ready for my contract.

Put me in coach!

Now. before the STANs get up in arms and start throwing pink leopard print grenades, let me go on record as saying i actually like Nicki Minaj, especially her older work…BUT yu woulda be a bug dutty liyad if yu nuh admit seh it nuh come een like a so she a build di verse dem.

come on

cough it up

you know it’s the truth

*moves eyes side to side and twitches lip and head*


34 Replies to “how to write a verse like Nicki Minaj <—and it works!”

  1. Siiick, My brother is always saying she just says random shit and i was telling him that he’s wrong, apparently he’s right :-/

    I got โ€˜em scared, shook, panicking
    overseas, church, Vatican
    you at a stand, still, mannequin
    you wanna sleep on me? Overnight?
    Iโ€™m the motherf-cking boss, overwrite
    and when I pull up, vroom, motorbike

    from Roman’s Revenge

    1. the key it seems
      is to say something random then pause between the last two words of the sentence
      and young money a rinse it!
      i mean i know nicki is witty
      and she has other, better rap styles
      but she really jus a rely pon da formula yah too long now
      til people can all build user friendly tool fi help people soun like har

  2. You guys really just heard Romans Revenge, it’s more of a Young money thing probably a bad habit she picked up from Weezy. She was writing wayyy before she met Wayne. Listen to her other songs before you judged… and just to piss you off HANG IT UP, FLATSCREEN!

    1. i’ve been a fan of nicki’s since the mix tape days
      i know she doesnt have to rhyme like this
      but recently i have to admit she’s been following the young money formula with the rest of them on quite a few tracks

  3. Funny how I wrote this and you’re the only guy on the Internet who gave me credit for it.

    Gotta love the Internet.


    This ain’t fake, real Lacoste, crocodile
    Bitch are you reading Death on the Nile?
    Could you please delete that file?
    Or just shut the fuck up for a while?
    Imma faster than a hurricane
    I’mma hotter than that bitch Jane Lane
    From all the insult I’ve heard I could go insane
    Now bitches, you can kiss my ass in the rain
    You can scream how I am great
    I’m never too soon, neither too late
    And I’ll always keep my faith
    Until heaven opens its gate
    Slut, could you just take that dildo, stick it?
    I gotta real thing, don’t you want to lick it?
    Ain’t it sweet? Just like a bisquit
    Their heads are calculators, digit!

  5. People always say young money is overrated but they still make decent music. They don’t give the bars they used to cause no one wants to hear that. This article is pretty funny though and kinda true but nicki has loads of other techniques she can use as well.

  6. Yea I guess you can say nivki gets into this type.of rapping but have not every song has tht pause… Like the boys or bottoms up.

    1. Lol i can too it realy works

      you getting wrongs at your paper math ratio
      you damn ugly bitch so imma fake ya
      im getting money right know so imma pay ya
      if you talk shit about me imma erase ya
      im real hot that a fact so it cant be debated
      this whole shit so dope like i syndicate it
      all of them in my hood know i am the greatest

  7. i am female weezy,take it easy cuase i just myt seaze ya got dem haters pleasin me ,it wasnt my intention to be mean got dem cryin, leanin on me,well lyrically healin. Guess who dem callin Saiah?they already know who is the sisah here.hahaha! got dem haters pleasin me,callin me Saiah I guess its so nice to ease me…

  8. i am female weezy,take it easy cuase i just myt seaze ya got dem haters pleasin me ,it wasnt my intention to be mean got dem cryin, leanin on me,well lyrically healin. Guess who dem callin Saiah?they already know who is the sisah here.hahaha! got dem haters pleasin me,callin me Saiah I guess its so nice to ease me…

  9. I got a couple bars in da duffle bag.
    Kush flow too strong nigga take a drag.
    Have you ever sucked dick wearing knee pads?
    Inhaled too much smoke nigga take a gag.
    Put some respeck on the dick bitch take a gag.
    He squirted his kids in the backseat of my yella jag.
    He hit it right, dats- dat- Mayweather jab.
    Legs up in the air like I’m hailing a yellow cab.
    I know a couple nymphos that’ll take it up the ass.
    Ha face a 5 and ha ass a nine so she get a pass.
    Had to scrub the cum out wit a brillo pad.
    When we done fucking, I asked him where the cash at?
    Lil momma aint no beef so you can smash dat.
    what about ya baby daddy? Bitch I smashed dat.
    He ate my pussy in yo bed while I made my ass clap.

    Lol this was fun. I’m making a mixtape this summer. Look out for Mia Mullan.

  10. You Wanna Sleep On Me ? Overnight ?
    Im The Mother Fucking Boss … Overwrite .
    And When I Pull Up, Vroom, Motorbike .
    Now All My Bitches Getting Bucked, Overbite.

  11. It’s Actually Easy. Don’t Steal Mine ! I Will Know If You Did !!

    These Girls Cheese Extra Sharp That’s Cheddar
    You Good, She’s Great, But I’m Betta
    Writing Rhymes Like I’m Writing Jail Letters
    Never Knocked off my grind cause Ima go getta

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