dear digicel 10 million dollar worth a dunce yu a call

How long it a go tek yu fi gi weh di 10 million dollar? Caw me waan sleep and half an hour gone and a only 3 million yu gi weh so far…and right now me inna di miggle a one rising stars stew, everybody a drop fi dem piece inna di pot.

Kiss me neck!
How dem jus tek back di ooman money
She supposed to vex nuh puss juck.
She shoulda pay more attention
After digicel buy out every odda ad pon tv and radio
Me nuh know
Wait deh now….
Di people dem inna di audience can answer phone too?
Else di live show woulda haffi pass me caw me nah lose nuh money fi siddung inna a/c wid red shirt
Me tek di money buy 5 a/c and go lock down Lees
Dem lucky
Me see people a count off tag line like time table to hell
Spell it out yah
Seeit deh now…45 minutes, and still only 4 million down
Unnu already have rising stars fi tek up tv time
Jus gi weh di money and mek we go a we bed

Wait deh, people wid stammer cyaan play da game yah enuh. It nuh fair. It nuh right. Gi di stammer people dem a chance nuh.

Sas crise. A only two a dem people yah know di tag line.
Me hear dem whole family back-a dem a coach dem pon wah fi say
And still cyaan get it
Hear bambino a tell di ooman fi tek a deep breath
All lamaze dem need fi help dem through

Kiss me neck yendi jus haffi ask di man IF him want di million dollah.
Him need fi climb out from undah di people dem gyal an ansa di phone
Di man call him gyal to yendi
Caw yendi a call him sweetie and all dese tings.
Yendi bright eeh? Bout I don’t speak that language. Bright!
Million dollas jus skip yu
By di way, all digicel a do a prove say dem coverage nuh good caw nobody cyaan hear di call
Sas crise
Yendi out deh til she start sweat to hell
Yendi. Crossis!!!!
Me have di three phone siddung, so unnu gwaan nuh ansa unnu phone
Me nuh mind
Me will ansa mine

Kiss me neck
Di ooman go call har man to i-octane
A wah dis fada
Everybody fraid fi ansa dem phone tru dem spouse a go tek dem drawz beat dem?
Ity and fancy cat, want a SHOT
By di way digicel…da million dollar phone deh look like telecommunications of jamaica phone box

Watch yah….
1 hour and 7 minutes gone and all now di money cyaan done gi weh, and all a di past winner dem nuh perform.
Wait deh
Shelly ann frazer pryce look like she start nyam money and spit out gold
Kiss me neck
How she look hat so
Yes shelly
Tek it to deeeeemmmm!!
Yu shoes a say one me gyal
Sparkle bitch, sparkle!

Ahm, why it come een like some people nuh know weh di word tag line mean?

Really kitty, we get di point. Usain fast. Him finger nuh faster dan nuhbady else own, else him woulda hire himself out as vibrator long time.

Usain, u know say a Claro u have. U too damn lie, bout yu wonda if a fi yu numbah.
And digicel…me love kitty, nuh do har dat, why she inna di drapes
And why so much bleachers inna di audience?
Or a di a/c cool dem down to nuttn
A me one when di number nuh fava mine start read up twitter and facebook til di nex number read?
Me nah mention di fact say usain pants fitted bad (an nuttn nah print)
Yu see why asafa a my man!
<—no shade we still love your fast ass

Please can tell me why di money done gi weh and di show continuing

Kitty a tek it to dem oprah style
Dat name livin di dream
And you get a blackberry
And you get a blackberry and you get a blackberry!

Due to how di girl fren jus pop off har blouse and she cyaan go pon stage go claim har prize
A weh di stunt shawl come from?
Jus outta di mauve so

Watch how di fren a jump uo, come een like a she win di one million.
Yes digicel
111 million dollars
Inna one night
And dem say chattin cyaan get u no where
It may cyaan get u no where
But it can get digicel everywhere they wanna go.


7 Replies to “dear digicel 10 million dollar worth a dunce yu a call”

  1. It was fun to the commentary…a U shoulda write d patwa bible …a me fi tell yu.

    I think my number is lost in the Digi system though. All the numbers were current – 298-391 lol

    Big up Digicel…please to bring in more high end phones and since you control so much of the market..lower ur damn rates. Until then –

    1. heheheeeyah. tank yu please. if dem let me loose pan di Bible me wi write it ues.
      a chu don’t
      dem never even brush no weh near my numbah.
      amen pon di lower rates, ameeeen. especially fi di on network calls, weh cost dem nex to nuttn

    1. it’s better than what i hear other people sayin….mr kool-aid <–dem mean
      an a nuh she enuh
      a di stylist dem
      digicel neeeeed fi gi we a rest wid all di red
      crips soon come declare war pon dem

      thanks for the love 🙂

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