Lawd di bulla sweet… (J.Lo takes it to the floor)

Lawd, di bulla sweet when it hitch up inna fimme teeth

mi modda say to me yu is a nasty pickney go an wash yu dutty baggy

unda di bed inna di chimmey!

(apparently there are regional variations of this song depending on where in Jamaica you’re from)

a me one cyaan stop think bout the forbidden dance when me hear di song? me know if J.Lo was a Jamaican artist she wouldn’t release this for fear of the defaced posters with bullas being drawn in her mouth left right and centre (for all my Trinis, Bajans and non- Jamaicans, this is a Bull-A, not a Bull-er. If J.Lo waan put bull-er inna her mouth, a fi har business dat.?


i know the song old (in the we produce 50 songs a day sense of the term), but me never tell yu seh a review me a give, me jus cuddn resist the Lambada beat

I’m still torn about it, I find myself singing it, it’s catchy. but i think for J.Lo, it’s weak. It feels like there are a few lines missing, too much repetition, too much drawing out of the word floooooor to fill spaces where more material should be. and honestly, if she wasn’t on idol, i don’t know if it would be as big as it is.

The true test of it is, i have never youtubed this song. If it comes on i listen, otherwise, meh *kanye shrug*


there are cat suits to be worn and hair extensions that need to blow in the breeze and somebody’s gotta be the body that zips em up and glues ’em in, beyonce cannot do it all, and jessie j is of the wrong dimensions

it’s good for what it is


it would be better if the people from Lambada did the choreography


me have a lambada skirt inna me drawer back as we speak! ready fi di road.


2 Replies to “Lawd di bulla sweet… (J.Lo takes it to the floor)”

  1. I looked at that lambada video for the first time last night and every time she starts with the chorus i am singing Lawd the bulla sweet .. lol I think as you rightly said if JLO was Jamaican she would never ever dare sing this song… but then again she may just sing the bulla version just to appease all of our mischievous minds…..

    1. hahahha. a true
      i imagine the smoke filled stage
      and as the rhythm comes up
      she starts in low.
      laaawwwd di bulla sweeett
      *gun shot*
      *spray torch*
      *fog horn*
      everyting lock dung

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