mr vegas leaves twitter long enough to make a video- black and proud (nah bleach)

bleach out di face, neck black dat fail

bleach out di face, ears black dat fail



(aka mister twitter mix-up…what a man can trace!) dropped his latest courtesy of Jay Will.

and….i like it.

It has a concept…that’s related to the song <–take note of the last part

of course it has the obligatory half nekkid women wining to di grung but i don’t know when we’ll ever get away from that

i enjoy the costuming <–yes, it doesn’t always have to be a swimsuit or bra and panty, sometimes yu can wear dress and leggings and dem ting deh and still feel cute

and i applaud vegas for making an anti bleaching song and populating it with dark-ish skinned women <–truthfully the feature girls are about two shades away from brownin, but i will tek what i can get. It nuh look like observer page 2, and that’s what counts.

Me like di part weh di baby rub on di cream, because i have always wondered how that works. Most people that smoke won’t allow their children to go running around with a lung full of Craven-A, is it the same for bleachers? do you tell them that self hatred is something they have to save for when they’re older, or can they get started right now? #shade

two things i would skip….the ten commandments declaration at the start complete with thriller laugh, and the news anchor with the inspirational message at the end. This is not a CARIMAC project, we can skip the theatrics and work wid di cinematography and concept.

overall. i say yes

ohhhhh by di way. please look pon dem a advertise lasco toothpaste as di new big ting

and, might you miss it, the young man, the ATTRACTIVE young man, is of course a brown young man. sad eeh?


africa awaits her creator



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