did you know it’s weed day? 4/20 <–no, i’m not kidding

so, my dear friend Darren just did a blog post <–subscribe!

about some 4/20 thing that’s apparently tooking place today

did you know it’s weed day?

and not just weed day, like weed smoking day?

*blink blink*

CELEBRATIOOONNNNSSSSSS <–for the weed smokers that is

and you know, even though i didn’t know it was weed day…some part of me that descended from King Solomon (upon whose grave the weed was of course found) knew. Because all my posts today have had strong weed head undertones


so, apparently in the 1970’s some pot heads called the Waldos (because they hung out by a wall….yes, a wall, move on) in California decided they were going to search for some forgotten weed farm <–yes, it does kind of sound like the search for the lost city of Atlantis, but you bun enough high grades and see if it nuh mek sense.

Anyways, they designated 4:20 as the meeting time to go launch the (clearly unsuccessful) search and everything after that is history.

the phrase moved into the Cali kid culture as a kind of code for smoking weed <–i’m 4:20 son, is you!…wait these were white kids…4:20 dude. tubular!

It was featured

in the magazine High Times and now (THIS IS THE PART I AM EXCITED ABOUT) on April 20th every year, there are mass meetings, rallies and marches all surrounding smoking weed

either just chilling and having a joint on a hillside…hippie hill to be exact

or actual protests for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal uses or otherwise.

and much like any event at mas camp, the police attend, but do not arrest.

you think i’m joking…there’s a magazine ...420Magazine (which i still doan know if i believe) with an events roster including but not limited to:

Idaho Moms for Marijuana
Rally at 8th and Front in Down Town Boise from 2-4pm. Then we will march to the Capitol steps and be there by 4:20 pm. There will be acts of civil disobedience through out this event.
There is a FREE event for 4/20 at the Knitting Factory afterwords
ALSO: Please wear your green armbands to show support for the cause.

i hope i mentioned the part where i don’t believe this magazine is real. dem alla  sell activated charcoal bags, so yu can travel widout people smell yu weed. and fertilizer to build better bud

you know what i like about weedheads…they’re so inventive!

<—that’s not to keep the weed out son, that’s to keep it in!

and yet, in jamaica, the country where it’s assumed if you come from there you area weedhead, nothing.

i suppose it could be that marijuana use here continues as though it’s legal, and we have events every night where we can go and smoke openly (they’re called street dances/parties/sessions)so we are less gung-ho about it than they are.

but nevertheless

to all the herbalists out there (not the one dem weh tun wutliss <–you know what i’m talking about)

happy 4/20.

here’s a video taken at hippie hill at exactly 4:20

please note the dense cloud over their heads, and not a patrol car in site

something about it reminds me of home

and here’s the wikilink for more official style info





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