snoop dogg feat willie nelson- superman…me know dis a go be summn diffrant

ohh i love it when genres mix

and i openly STAN for snoop…and you know this maaaan.

his voice has a natural melody, he can sing a song with no beat

and willie nelson seems to be the biggest bad-ass to come out of country music ever <-taylor swift, sit your ass down…and kid rock is the biggest bad ass to go INTO country music

who hasn’t willie done a collaboration with. the man a run it.


please look for big snoop dogg rocking the leather jacket with the fringe and the 1000USD worth a weed dem jus have inna di studio

when i die put in on my stone, God said snoopy take your bad ass home, i wasn’t super man. *cough cough*

fine it will never tear up billboards hip hop and R and B charts, and i don’t know if snoop will be at the grand ol’ Opry,

but i like it when two different worlds can meet up and greet up outside of a Glee mash-up.

PS, there is no marijuana left in whatever state this was made because snoop and willie needed ‘inspiration’

if the government were smart they would invite them to record here, bear profit we a mek!


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