things that annoy me- overly emotional people who don’t DO anything

now, i know, we all need a little tenderness

and i know it’s a sign that i’m damaged somehow that i can’t find it in me to deal with them

but overly emotional people really do annoy me.

let me clarify, i don’t have a problem with a person that has issues, and one of my favourite things to do is to sit with people and talk it out with them and play part-time shrink.

i learn a lot by going through things with friends and even random strangers whose business i just start nuffing up in.

I love that.

but what i cannot take are the snivellers, the “woe is me-ers” the “life is too hard i’m gonna kill myself” bb status messagers <–this always elicit a “dweet den nuh” from me. and then i feel like a bad person

But me cyaan tek it.

because, in my mind, the energy you’re spending working yourself into a frenzy and letting the whole world know you’re in the verge of mental collapse, could be spent trying to fix whatever is bothering you.

maybe i’m just tired, or busy digging through my own mind

but if summn wrong, fix it. don’t whine about it forever.

fix it.

blow up at somebody. bawl. read a self help book. google inspirational words, hell…google porn and use it as a way to pass the time. but take action

don’t just emote emote emote and den siddung so and wait fi yu own demons swallow yu up

yu have to fight

and if you don’t have the inclination to fight…there’s nothing i can do for you

i used to be different, there was a time when i would strap a person to my back and carry them. and, if someone really needs me to do that for them, i’m sure i can still dig it up somewhere.

But i can tell you from experience, it doesn’t spell sense. You end up tired and unwilling to give anymore (exhibit A, me!) and the other person really will not be better until they decide to be (and then they will carry themselves)

so decide to be. try something. stop wishing and wanting and hoping and needing and start trying.

try to accept what’s happening

try to see what you want to happen

then try as much as you can to make it happen

and if that fails

try the accepting again and rinse and repeat

long ass twitter melt downs will not fox you

nor will ‘boy who cried wolf’ style suicide threats.

sitting with yourself and wiggling around in your own skin and finding a comfortable fit will

maybe it’s because i was raised with all boys, but i don’t have time for the pity ting. I get depressed and miserable like everybody else, but i don’t just stay there. so you don’t either.


5 Replies to “things that annoy me- overly emotional people who don’t DO anything”

  1. I can’t agree more with you …. I know i have hard days and i swear the world is against me but i have realized complaining and doing nothing about it does not make sense.. it just does not!! – and If people refuse to help themselves and jus start talking about suicide then what the hell am i supposed to do? beg you not to? sorry i’ll give you the glass with bleach or the rope because your life is important and no matter how much stress we have there is always always someone in a harder situation than we are in and guess what they press through and come out happy….. you know experience teaches you!

    1. couldn’t agree wid you more. trus me. the only person that can save you is you, and people willing fi help, but yu cyaan expect dem fi a go through all a dat. do your part man. cho!
      and i love helping people enuh
      but people weh gwaan like dem helpless inna dem own life
      and dem have di worst life ever
      i caan tek
      some perspective please

  2. When i see tohse kind of messages I always send this one to them:
    “What CDs/Music do you have?”
    The “Huh?” response I get afterwards makes them realise that I just want to free their music from a depressing soul and bring it into my loving arms.
    So after I get cuss upside meh head for being insensitive, their status normally changes to something else and I am on my way to a shiny new halo.(Yes ppl I’m doing God’s Work!).

    1. ohhh yes. you are a vessel of healing. sent here to save us one person at a time
      if me did ever a have a mental break down and yu ask me fi me alanis cd yu see <–though that may be the reason for the breakdown
      one lick i woulda lick yu!
      i goin try it!
      di nex one i see
      i goin ask dem bout music and dem wii games
      u know..that may work
      angry people don't kill themselves
      sad people do
      make them angry!

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