kes- wotless (UPT SON)

a me one find say Kes video dem look like RETV productions

Uptown worldwide, CARICOM styleee

woiii brownin cyaan stop wear

unnu please look out fi kees a try tek on di fluff attack at 00:59

me find say da video yah have plenty tings weh remind me of jamaican video



gyal a jiggle up batty

and combative lyrics. tell dem call me naaaaaame. I gon’ take di blaaaammmeee!!!

me  tink him par wid tessanne and tami too long

and it’s nice to know that even though it is dead here, the spirit of the dutty wine lives on across the Caribbean

bubblin’ a go reach dem sometim roun 2013

oh, i think i posted this video before, but is fi a new reason now!


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