dear mega mart

Do better!
Why am I seeing this in your pharmacy
Right next to the tanning lotion, sun block and bump stopper
Not even pretty it up and call it vanishing creme
Straight bleaching creme to yu ting?!
Dis nuh illegal?
And den di brand and black and white
As in start out black and end up white enuh?
Subtle eeh
Me nuh have many expectations of mega mart,what with importing products with labels entirely in spanish and not providing any translation or spanish lessons
But even fi your money grubbing ways
This is a new low
Sort yuself out!


2 Replies to “dear mega mart”

  1. But what is this?! I’m almost SURE that bleaching creams/agents are illegal for sale in Jamaica! This is why – according to my helper – whenever you want a little ‘rubbing cream’ downtown, you have to ask for it a special way or else the wholesale/vendor can get into trouble with the law.

    I can’t believe it… This really is a new low for MegaMart. Not enthused, at all.

    If someone wants to bleach – that’s their prerogative, though I’m not a proponent of the activity at all – but to sell the products uptown and not be prosecuted for it, while downtown sellers are? No… This is not right.

    1. it is illegal to sell bleaching creme
      but i suppose since the police aren’t coming by in squad cars
      looking for something they can confiscate and re-sell
      that lets mega mart off the hook.
      it’s shameful man. i mean mega mart disappoints me much of the time
      but even for them
      this is bad

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