i can’t wait another minute – hi-five (retro son)

Mindless Behaviour please sit down!

as far as the boy band ting go….Jackson 5 and Menudo <–dem a come form 1970’s son, tek it

but after them there was New Edition and them man here


you may not even know you know the music but give it a likkle listen

and tek een di video

no shiny suit

no whole heap a dancers

jus some yute a run up and down shirtless

and some girl weh look like dem jus come from hairdresser

yu tink any a dem man yah coulda mek it nowadays widout a mohawk inna di group

or any a dem girl yah wudn haffi go pon atkins and south beach before dem audition


in those days on the final frontier

when videos were populated with humans that look like humans

and it didn’t look like porn.

oh the good ol’ days

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