mary j blige, diddy. lil’ wayne- someone to love me

go on miss mary gurl.

you know, you should never ever sleep on mary, she will be back for that ass

i”m liking what she’s doing with her voice, she’s giving me a little Africa

and the beat is giving me a little bit of back street reggae…u know…jimmy cliff in the gogo club circa harder they come, everybody greasy and a rub up pon one anodda

and while i accept that i may soone become nauseated by it, i am very impressed with the amount of emotional/introspective rap going around right now <–granted this isnt the best example, but it ain’t all bling and big cars and hoes, and i can appreciate that.

methinks tupac is alive and doing very well as ghost writer.

but yu know mary will just dig up inna yu craw and faas up inna yu business and mash up yu heart. is like if adele did come from di projects…she cuddn buss, cus she wouda be mary J

overall…i’m a give this a 9 son! <–fine. maybe not a nine. but high ratings.

i’ll listen to it a hundred more times and get back to you

and look

colin tilley can direct fi people other than chris brown. rehhhhhhhhhhhhh

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