adele strikes again…dat bish! he won’t go

never in my life have i found a singer so adept at singing the shared pains and triumphs of mankind


the number of BB status updates dedicated to her is mind boggling

not to mention the number of fb posts, statii <–yeh thats the plural of status where i come from, and tweets

she doesn’t care whether you like her booty or not, doesn’t own a single pair of thigh high boots and prefers to perform in basic black with a hairstyle that looks like a cross between a bun and a cushion

she never asks if you’ll hold your body against her

nor does she profess a love for whips and or chain

she sings about the type of S and M that really matters

the love type that strangles your heart then drags you in the dark of the night back to the door of your oppressor to beg for one more try

she knows it

she knows what it feels like inside of a human relationship and inside of a human heart

and the bitch is 21


to all the newly found STANS, welcome. you’re late

please go a review every track on 19 paying special attention to day dreamer and melts my heart to stone

to all the long time STANS. you already know <–stop hating on the new ones, not everybody gets to the party early…you know who you are *side eye*

who else can be number one, drop back fi one a di pop princess dem mek some first week sales, and as di week done, tek back di place?

only someone who sings to your soul


enough stan-ing

but to adele, if you are reading this…STOP SINGING MY LIFE ELSE ME  A GO WAAN ROYALTIES

please enjoy the musical stylings of he won’t go by adele


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