adriana evans 7 days. ….gangsta cubana papi!

fus ting

me like da song yah. her vibe kinda neo soul-ish but wid some odda tings mix up in deh, mek yu waan fling hip

mussi di afro cuba ting

big up VH1 soul a mawnin time. a you buss me pon dem sittn yah

nex ting…yes har mout big bad

third ting…me nuh know weh she a go wid di cut up cut up shirt

nuh day no man leff me and mek me tun pitchy patchy

a break up is hard enough without becoming a masquerade

fourth ting…gangsta mumma a kill me velvet soft wid har cigar

and finally…a true. di longer yu leff yu ooman and gone roam, is di more likely it is say she notice say she nuh really need yu agen

amen an amen


she have cigar too

me waan go a cuba

a bear gangsta ova deh

riddim up!


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