dear scotiabank…get your effin sh*t together


why is it that 2 times out of three my phone calls to scotia ends in the poor agent saying ‘i must apologise for the inconvenience but’

and then they insert some bull shit like

-that system was phased out


-that system was changed


-that is only available between some ridiculous hours

always ALWAYS its some garbage that has caused some stress and inconvenience that could have been avoided if Scotia merely communicated with it’s customers

Like now, i write a cheque and send it through, bearer get there…apparently them not using those cheques anymore


call scotia…we must apologise for the inconvenience but from time to time we do change the leaves

now, rass hole scotia,,,when yu a send me me statements and bills every month, yu never think yu coulda slip a little note in there to say hey, don’t try using your cheque for anything, in nuh valid again?!

better yet

me go inna me staff account history…or where my staff account history should be, because one of the tiefin work man dem aΒ  claim dem nuh get money weh dem get

lo and behold

no history

call scotia

i’m sorry for the inconvenience but we phased out that service

me: were the clients notified?

them: we’re sorry for the inconvenience, but no they were not told, the new system should be up in few months

me: will the feature be available then?

them: we’re not sure

me: and what should we do until then

them: well in some cases we can get it from our system

me: how far back?

them: a few months

me: well what about all the histories i have been requesting for the past three years, where are those?

them: ahmmmm

me: because now that it’s been phased out they’re all gone. i had them on the system

them: well from time to time the system will purge

me: well i’ve never been told that by an agent, ever, so i havent printed to3000 pages of report

them: well i must apologise for the inconvenience caused, someone should have notified you <–this is where i begin to ask myself WHO. since i have called and spoken to this same agent like 20 times and she’s never seen fit to update me…who

me: of course.


sort out yu fuckin self

me a reach me wits end wid yu

yu have contact number and probably e-mail fi everybody inna di bank

yu have money fi a print poster fi a advertise every jesus christ ting. yu print four different poster fi advertise car loan

and poster wid woman a jump over debt

yu can plaster box wid flyer fi advertise cricket mascot drawing competition

and mek so much entry form me one can get 5

make a flyer.,…print it on plain white printer paper..and tell people when you are changing their shit

put a note at the bottom of the online banking page….to tell people about changes to the online banking system

don’t just have your staff offer some shitty consolation prize to people when they call in pissed

and by the way i requested the histories 3 weeks ago.

i still have NOTHING


get your act together

you are one of the world’s leading banks, stop acting like a patty shop


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