st mary’s cheese and onion sweet potato chips

A wah dem juss say bout me modda?
I find st mary to be going inordinately hard wid dis one
Not only the chips have cheese but dem go add een di onion <—cyaan say dem sshort a seasoning
Pon top a dat a sweet potato
Me feel like di whole a spartan and gymkhana jus buss a small dance fi di ‘healthy option’
It nuh dat healthy
But a nuh ruffles and dats what counts
St mary’s a di mother’s patty a di chips industry
Anyting yu want
Dem sell it
Burger, patty, box food. Not an issue
Banana, sweet potato, cassava chips. We got this maaan

And it nuh taste bad enuh
The flavours coulda be a likkle sstronger
But it different and it nice
Run een st mary’s banana
A proud jamaican product made in dominica!


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