will and kate plus 8….ok plus 7 star general la lewis

I’m not joking
It has come to my attention that Jamaica’s p diddy aka la lewis has taken it upon himself to break out the microsoft word calligraphy fonts and head on down to liguanea drug and garden for some of that high class embossed paper and forge himself an invite….
To the royal wedding
I should have seen it coming
Every other facebook update in my timeline has been about the wedding of these people I do not know and who have no relevance to me # noshade<— okay maybe #slightshade
But I'm also aware that if I were to be strict about not caring about irrelevant people I'd have to delete the entire iSTAN category and all my kanye posts
And since me and yeezy nah leff
I'll allow the wedding stans to live and breathe

But, when all LA lewis ketch on pon di ting
It really gone far now
And him forge it wid him title enuh
Dame judy dench
Sir elton john
7 star general elton john

I wonder if inna him imaginary seating chart him siddung side a harry
A my prince dat enuh
Me know say harry a di one weh a go bring a thick ass black girl come inna di castle
And as queenie keel over
Charles a go jump pon di throne
Harry a my prince
Dat bitch know him nah go deh pon no throne
So him a have out him lot!!!

Anyways….see what happened there? Stan-ing in my anti-stan post

Anywho so…
La lewis + elton john+ tony blair +queenie's corgis = something that ends up on the enquirer

Lewis- yu a gwaan good. Wid no tune at all yu have a career longer than most a these snitches

Go on ahead and keep the party goin

Ohhh yeah


3 Replies to “will and kate plus 8….ok plus 7 star general la lewis”

  1. So my girl! How you not down here hanging with Harry and LA?? I hear they planning to graffiti outside of Kings House later!! Shout La and ask him to send the G5 for you! (I still want to know if G5 is plane or car!)

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