Obama speech on Osama bin laden capture…#winning

if me was a speech

me woulda waan Obama give me

yu tink Bush coulda deliver dis speech?

first ting di shifty eyed likkle brute cuddn wipe di stain a dishonesty from his face fast enough fi come pon tv so quick

nex ting, him woulda mispronounce di name a all a di country dem and elicit further war when di people dem offended say him a call dem eye-raq

him woulda need a ventriloquist pon top a di speech writer  dem


furthermore di reference to signing letter for family weh lose members to di war…Bush illiterate , cyaan sign, and cyaan relate to dat

and yu hear di part weh him say is not a war against Islam…because osama was a mas murderer of muslims

yu tink Bush have di sensitivity fi draw dem distinction deh

yu tink him even understand the people enough fi know them need fi hear that from a leader?

#yu hear di part weh obama say him mek finding osama di focus a di campaign? this is a man that want the war to end


go in and get what you’re looking for and stop the carnage

it cannot go on forever


you are the ONE

the o is obama is for ONE

believe me

you is di great black hope

and me nuh care if di speech start late, me can flip between channels,, donald trump luddy!

and den di man just walk off so neatly

da man yah mek me heart feel good

#me nuh come from America

#and me nuh frighten fi farrin like di res a dem

#but Obama a my president

#trus me

him a win.


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