osama bin laden dead…will the war end?

it has just broken that apparently the US has finally managed to kill Osama Bin Laden

they’ve been searching for him for nearly 10 years now, and have waged war in several countries during this supposed search

well i knew that obama would be the one to find him, michelle obama would not let this drag out much longer

have you ever tried to hide something from a black mother?

yu come home and find the door to you room kicked off and everything you know in a pile in the middle of the room

honey, it is not the way to go

it’s better to just turn yourself over

the other thing i want to know is this:

since the USA went to war because of this man, spurred by this man, will it end now?

since he was the big dog, and they have quite literally decimated so many countries looking for him, and have dismantled most of the terrorist groups, can the troops come home and the bombing stop, or has the war become a beast unto itself, being waged for the sake of proving the US can win a war? the troops were in Iraq so long after Sadam was killed it gives you cause to wonder.

but then, there will probably be reprisal action so….

i truly hope this thing ends soon with as little human loss as possible.

war isn’t good for anybody but the people that fund them

i will start praying from now

in other news….when will these newscasters stop mixing up Osama and Obama as in ‘Obama the head of terrorist groups responsible for 911<—#sideeye



i wait with bated breath to see the next move on the part of the US

*disclaimer- i recall the connections between the Bush Family and the Bin Ladens, so……i kind of have a side eye ready

Obama don’t let me down


a nuh say me nuh trust him….but me nah believe nuttn til me see a body


a me one a wait fi di one secret service smaddy weh a go tweet di pic a di body or sell it to tmz fi 10 times him yearly salary and jus cut same time?



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