and now…the sexiest video i’ve seen in a while Kelly Rowlands MOTIVATION

to which i have contributed about 5000 hits.


let us quickly work through the things that are wrong with this video….the song

well not the entire song. the lyrics.

the beat sound like a piece a dutty rub up inna one dark club wid smaddy weh yu hot for from week and jus get yu hands pon dem and dem a go

*use a condom everytime*

the lyrics are formulaic at best….

whoa lover, don’t you dare slow down

go longer you can last four rounds

push harder you’re almost there now

so go lover, make mama proud <—anytime i hear anybody refer to themself as mama i immediately think of queen latifah dry humping the gold lame scarf in chicago and belting out when you’re good to mama, mama’s good to youuuuuuuuuu.

i may not be far along enough in the cougaring to think of it as sexy to be my love monkey’s mama

but to each his own

on top of being predictable there are about fifteen lines missing from the song. i believe they had her do the vocals, then slowed them down and laid them over the track, so few words, so much music

go go go go is not a line


let us discuss what’s right about this video…the video


did you see all them greased up mens just dancing and stuff with their abdominals all out and every muscle in their backs standing at attention


did you see the menage a fifty that was taking place and all the biceps <–tag you’re it!


did you see the part where she put em all in a row and started touchin on ’em?

bless god and bad mindddd!!!


any day name day me stumble cross da warehouse day tell di wooorrrll…me a come back 5 times pregnant

now, fi di nex part….bex if yu waan bex, buss if yu waan bus

kelly never build da video strictly  fi ooman

she made this for her 1.5 million gay stans who follow her from weave to weave and  hit to near hit (weh di album deh kelly, all now. steups)

these men are not presented just for the ladies

far too much exposed ass crack and wiggling up of batty

but me nah complain.

muscles a muscles and chest a chest.

weezy….a you a follow ludacris fi freak nasty rapper a di year

yu need some slackniss pon yu track?

some reference to woman as waterfall?

call dem two deh

dem have summn write and puddung

rain on my head call it brain storming <–see weh me mean?

go Go GO GO!!!!!!!


and here’s a pic of maliah michel’s ass for all the men who need to reaffirm their heterosexuality after reading this post

feel better now?



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